Who We Are
What It Is And How It Works

Why is it that only a tiny fraction of the millions of books ever written inspire, console and intrigue people for centuries? Why for centuries has every well-educated person been expected to be acquainted with these works? The answer is because these books are the most beautiful and profound of all.

Now there is a new program at Wright College where your professors will take special pains to make sure you can understand and really enjoy the things in these works that have made them so important to mankind.

It’s called the Great Books Curriculum and it has been the subject of a front page story in the New York Times and also major articles in the Chicago Tribune and the Chronicle for Higher Education. And you can take advantage of it without spending one extra dime. There is no complicated procedure to go through to be a member.

What Makes It A Great Books Course?

A Great Books Course devotes at least half its readings to books by special authors. To enjoy the benefits, all you have to do is to look for the classes you would normally take in your class schedule. Then just sign up for the class on the list that has the special Great Books designation. That’s all there is to it

What Can I Get Out of It?

Great Books courses are being offered in English, Humanities, Philosophy Social Science and Astronomy. Upon successful completion of 12 Great Books credit hours, you will earn upon graduation a special Great Books Track certification on your official college transcript. When you apply to a four-year institution this evidence of your achievement and how serious a student you are can help impress admissions officers.

There are also several practical benefits for you. Great Books courses should increase your skills in reading, analytical thinking and cultural literacy. These are vital to your success in advanced college courses, your job and your personal life. Work you do at a four year college will be based on the books in the Great Books Curriculum. These courses can get you there better prepared, more confident and possessing the very deep pride that comes from mastering Great Books authors. Most importantly, you will be amazed at how your life will be expanded and enriched because you have entered into “conversations” with Great Books authors. The Great Books Curriculum will have you reading and thinking about the same books that people like Shakespeare and Einstein did when they were in your position. You will be shaped by these books just as they were.

But Wait--There’s More!

Papers your write in Great Books Curriculum courses quality for inclusion in the scholarly publication Symposium and nominated for citations for outstanding scholarship that will be presented to you at the annual student awards banquet. There will also be a modest amount of scholarship money available, field trips to classical drama productions, participation in annual all school faculty and student symposia are also offered. Lastly, enrollment gives you an opportunity to meet through classes and outside discussions professors and other students who share your love of Great Books, thereby opening up a new social milieu of intellectual fellowship.

For more information on how to open up new worlds call the Chairman of the Great Books Curriculum, Professor Bruce Gans, at 773-481-801 or email him at bmg1030@hotmail.com