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The application of wood - plastic products Oct 25 2016, 9:49pm

Wood-plastic pallet industrialization development, so that people continue to pursue higher production quality, with the production conditions,[url= garden-decking.html]garden decking[/url] storage conditions, process control and quality control requirements continue to improve, wooden pallets in the sanitary conditions and regulate the production of insurmountable The limitations of more and more exposed, and the impact of plastic pallets produced by the mold is expensive, [url= decking.html]WPC decking[/url] poor structural adaptability, generally can not meet the special specifications. And damaged after repair can be very low, damaged to a certain extent, can only be scrapped. In this case, wood-plastic tray began to appear, and soon occupied a place in the market. Compared with the wooden pallet, its integrity is good, sanitary and clean; in the use of non- stinging İp İp acid, no qualitative change, easy to clean and so on,[url= flooring.html]outdoor flooring[/url] and the waste tray material can be recycled. Disadvantages are not used for working capital, suitable for warehouse laying board, and a one-time export use. Wood-plastic building template is to replace the steel template and a new template of bamboo. Light weight, impact strength, easy assembly, high turnover rate, smooth surface, non- hygroscopic, non-mildew, acid and alkali, no cracking, large sheet, small joints, saws, nails, can be processed into Any length and many other advantages. [url= fence.html]WPC fence[/url] Can be recycled, the price is far lower than the current use of bamboo construction templates, and has excellent flame-retardant properties, from the fire self- extinguishing, smoke-free, without any gas. Is a new generation of safe green energy-saving products.

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